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How Tyvek® lasts longer

Unique functional layer

Tyvek® allows water vapour to pass through its natural pores – so a roof can ‘breathe’ – yet keeps water out. This is due to its unique high-quality polyethylene single functional layer comprising millions of microfibres bonded together. Tyvek® is around 6-8 times thicker than ordinary membranes, which makes it much more durable and resistant over time.


Watertightness is key to protection. Underlay must be absolutely watertight (yet breathable) to keep roofs and walls dry. In tests, Tyvek® membranes clearly outperform ordinary alternatives in terms of watertightness to offer lifelong protection.

UV and heat resistance

Most ordinary underlays are made of a microporous film and PP (polypropylene), which is naturally more sensitive to UV than PE (polyethylene). Tyvek® is made of 100% UV- and heat-stabilised PE, which results in superior resistance and durability.

Think twice, build once, trust Tyvek®

Roofing underlays need to stand the test of time

Two different multi-layer membranes fail W1 test after less than 9 years

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Multi-layer membrane failure while a smaller Tyvek® protected section maintains integrity.

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